Who Should You Turn to with Questions about Buying Your First Home?

No doubt, buying your first home is a huge financial decision! There are many steps involved in the process, and that’s why you should turn to your local financial experts first.

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Credit unions can empower you to feel confident about the home-buying process. More specifically, they can help you understand the various financing options, and advise you as to what would be the best fit.

If you’ve already started your home-buying journey, you’re probably aware of the abundance of available loan products. Know that you don’t have to sort through everything yourself. There are people who can help you make sense of the mortgage world!

At Casco Federal Credit Union, our experienced Mortgage Officer has helped countless people finance the homes of their dreams. Pat’s area of expertise is in mortgages – and she has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to pointing you in the right direction whether you’re just thinking about buying a home, or whether you’re in the middle of your search.

Give Casco FCU a call at 839-5588, and ask to speak with Pat, our Mortgage Officer! Learn more about Casco FCU’s home loan products here!

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Sneaky Expenses to Keep on Your Radar

Sneaky expenses. They can be the downfall of a great budget. When you think sneaky expenses, think little things:  the coffee run at work, the random trip to Rite-Aid, the dinner out with friends, the gas station snack break.

When you’re creating a budget, it’s easy to remember large expenses:  rent, car payment, electricity bill, student loan bill. But, it can be tricky to remember, or know how much you spend, on the little things.

If you’re hoping to cut back on your spending, the best way to do it is monitor your purchases for a couple of weeks. Take inventory. Where is your “extra” money going? Are you a frequent coffee buyer? Do you rent movies from Red Box and forget to return them? Do you go out for lunches during the week? Pinpoint where your money is going, then decide on where you can cut back.

Here are some ideas of other “extra” spending that you may be able to cut back on! 


Once you know where to cut back, saving money becomes a whole lot easier!

By cutting back on your spending, you’ll have extra cash to stash away in a savings account! Check out Casco FCU’s Kasasa accounts to learn how you can get paid to have your checking account here.

Take a look at this Budgeting Infographic for more sneaky expenses to keep on your radar.

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Earn Money with a Kasasa Checking Account!

Earn money with your checking account? It seems like a crazy idea – maybe even too good to be true. Actually, the truth is, with a Kasasa checking account at Casco Federal Credit Union, you get paid for everyday transactions.

Yup. That’s right.

With a Kasasa checking account, you can earn 2.00% cash back every month on up to $300 in purchases. The maximum you can earn per month is $6. Although that doesn’t sound like a huge chunk of change, it adds up quickly. And, it’s better than paying a $6 account maintenance fee at the bank down the road…

Let’s break down what it would look like if you had a Kasasa checking account at Casco FCU versus a regular checking at a bank.


The smart choice seems obvious, right?

Even qualifying for Kasasa rewards is super easy. Just use your debit card 12 times per month, check your online or mobile banking at least once per month, and sign up for e-statements (instead of paper). All things you’d probably do anyway!

So the question is…

Why pay for a checking account when you can GET PAID!

Check out Casco FCU’s Kasasa checking account options!

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