Sally’s Story: How She Purchased an RV and Her Big Plans for Giving Back!

Sally is a long-time member of Casco Federal Credit Union. And yesterday, she stopped by the credit union to share the start of her exciting new adventure!


After courageously overcoming a history of medical issues, Sally decided that she wanted to find a way to give back. She turned to the credit union for help. Her dream was to purchase an RV so that she could travel to families in need and offer them support.

Patty, Casco’s Branch Manager, sat down with Sally to help her get approved for a loan. The cost of an RV is incredibly high, but with a great unfolding of events, Sally was able to find an RV for sale by an older gentleman, who had been the sole owner of the 2007 Winnebago – which was still in excellent shape.

With Patty’s help, Sally was able to get a loan, which she used to purchase the RV. Two weeks ago, Sally closed the deal and drove home in her gorgeous, tan and cream colored Winnebago!


With its own kitchen, bed, and even washer and dryer hookup, she’s well-equipped to hit the road. She says driving it will take some getting used to, but despite that, she’s excited to give back, and have fun while she’s at it.


We’re so glad we could be a part of Sally’s journey, and we wish her the best of luck as she takes off in her new adventure.

Congratulations, Sally!! 


Thanks for reading,



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