How To Save Money As A Wedding Guest

Summer is here, and what does that mean?

Weddings! Lots of weddings.


June, July, and August are the most popular months for couples to tie the knot. When it comes to summer plans, you might be working around wedding dates, Jack n’ Jills, Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and the list goes on.

And with wedding activities, comes a significant cost – not only to the bride and groom, but to you! The wedding guest. While you might think you can squeeze by without spending much, a survey from The Knot says the average wedding guest spends $888 per wedding! And if you’re in the wedding, you will spend even more:  close to $1,000.

While you might spend less depending on where and how far the wedding is, the costs associated with attending can add up pretty quickly. Think of the travel costs, hotel expense, gifts, wedding clothes, etc.

So if you are trying to save money this summer, here are some tips to cut down on wedding expenses!

The Average Cost of Wedding Attire Is $81 

Tip:  Wear the same outfit to multiple weddings, but use different accessories. Or, use sites like Rent The Runway, Le Tote, or Menguin to rent an outfit inexpensively. Another great way to save is to borrow an outfit from a friend!

The Average Cost of Wedding Travel Is $321 for Travel, $322 for Accommodation

Tip:  Carpool with others, or book your flights early to make sure you have time to shop for the best rates. Splitting your hotel room with another couple or friends is a great way to cut down on the cost, too.

The Average Cost of a Wedding Gift Is $118

Tip:  The best gifts are those with meaning, not necessarily those that are most expensive. If you know the couple well, get them something meaningful. If you want to get a big gift, split it between friends or other couples.

Thanks for reading & have a great summer!



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